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Islands in the Sun x

Islands in the Sun x


It’s the last day before half term starts..seems to have whizzed past.  I can remember standing at the school gates thinking I thought this day would never come..I’ve been standing at the same gates for the last week, praying for half term.  The kids are on their knees…so am I…we all need a break, chill-out time and long walks by the sea..

1_galimg-1 a270e67d68c6520f04cc5ff536629052

We’re hoping to head back to Kent, the husband’s work…

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Led Smith..


Led Zepplin and fashion are not the most obvious bed fellows..but it’s happened.  And when you think about it, there’s something gutsy and glorious that links – even draws – them together in thrilling duality.

paul-smith-led-zeppelin-2014-07-730x547 paul-smith-led-zeppelin-2014-01-730x547

Six limited edition scarfs designed by Paul Smith using the original art work to celebrate the launch of newly released re-mastered versions of the albums….the first three out on 23…

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The Force..


I’m not good with continually painting the town red – the tiredness comes down like a gruelling fog.  The only antidote is pretense, swiftly followed by a relatively early night.  And whilst no-one would normally guess (unless they wanted to count the luggage round my eyes) there is one presence I can never fool: Technology.  Somehow it knows.

Take Sunday: A few late nights in a row and the…

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It’s Not You, It’s Me..

It’s Not You, It’s Me..


I love a brand that scoffs also helps if they’re independent, based in London, slightly mad and run by 3 ferocious, tongue-in-cheek, epigrammatic  gals.


Its not me its you was started by Billi, Jems and Kitty in 2012.21e6a1b78be3857d7e9747efeb006da7 34d9545c0aa4d62da403decd5ecab723

Everything they produce is made and printed by hand in East London.



In a world where it’s too easy to be suffocated by a toxic brew of Vacuous style and pumped up…

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Objet D’art Lesson..

Objet D’art Lesson..


The effervescent Matisse Exhibition now showing in New York is a joy of art expressed in it’s purest form –  as is this photo of Matisse’s studio: A glimpse behind the canvas and a spotlight on those moments of pure creativity where the trains of thought are literally turned into living, breathing, pale-pink, illuminated flesh..

What particularly fascinates me is that light..a visual delight…

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Sneaky Blinders..


The weather here in London is like a PMT suffering raging skies one minute..a cascading torrent the next, whipped up by strong winds and mashed up leaves.  Coats and shoes are being seriously put to the test and any well worn with holes of love are the equivalent of leaky boats.  Some emergency purchasing is required – and I’m thinking black leather skaters..a nod to the summer but…

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Pockets, Pockets, Pockets x

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets x


Time is a muscle that needs to be stretched and I’ve been doing my best to limber it up without running the risk of becoming a frazzled, urban melodrama.  It’s a fine line.

- There’s the new fitness regime: I don’t want to hit that New Year winter coat without having done something, and I’d like that something to be a enjoyable, new, permanent addition. Swimming (good for the joints I hear)…

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Chutney and Oat Cakes..

Chutney and Oat Cakes..


The joy that is Creative Coffee – wholesome and happy with stunning aromas and rich rewards, like the incredible (honestly, some of the best I’ve tasted.Ever) mango chutney and melt in your mouth oat cakes (why haven’t I made these babies before??).


I took away two things from the session:

1. To invest in a pan like Sophy’s (she’s kindly sent me a link) which not only holds an extraordinary…

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