Maison Bentley Style

Laura Manara

98eca2896f2f4820f01db67b84c6902b72a129b122de02ccecd3893f736d1b409a059e1df1489aae651b2daf538fbe3fce83aa50c85ff0c5dfe5914deb720b33e5cc9f8e3c58c20d8a6a85dd515fbda158786ee519bd5fd072d6036d315ba785   Chic prints, butterfly soft fabric and purposeful design, Laura Manara is everything you want to throw in your suitcase.  Dress up, dress down it’s a barbie on the beach or dinner at the Ritz..

Laters. Kate x

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Bargain Hunting..

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The wonderful Toast are having a brilliant sale..particularly their ‘Archive‘ section – true bargains..if it’s in your size, snap it up..I got my denim Chore coat at more then half price and I’m delighted with it..Not sure it was the wisest thing to take to Greece, but I couldn’t bear to leave it behind..and coming back to the UK could be cold, couldn’t it?

Laters, Kate x

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Boarding.. #escape

Boarding.. #escape

Heading Off..


Barmy summer has hit leafy South West London, the skies are swallow tail blue, the grass on the common has been cut and is turning to hay…soon they’ll send in the big bale machines and turn our urban bit of green into a country field which always brings a smile.  For the first time this week I’ve smelt the laburnum in the air, all sweet and sultry and the prediction is that today the…

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The Book Barge..


Sarah Henshaw, a modern day heroine and one of life’s great dreamers proves that life is still full of endless possibilities…if only we dare to live them…

sarah henshaw, books, london, entertainment, journalist, reporter, press, lethal weapon, danny glover, reading, boat, book barge, Because her words are far more relevant than anything I could write, I’ve cut and pasted this article in its totality, but you can find the original words and all info here. booksI remember quite clearly the first time I realised I might be in…

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